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Our team consists of highly qualified experts ready to handle your shipments with precision and care.

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Our dedication to professionalism is accompanied by a courteous service that always puts the customer first.

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We are ready to answer your questions with direct and fast solutions, ensuring efficient service at all times.

Med Trans World

The story of Med Trans World begins on February 13, 1997, in Civitanova Marche. Over the years, the company has specialized in international groupage shipments by land. It has developed managerial skills, organizing a reliable service with weekly direct departures. It has built an extensive network of foreign correspondents for greater competitiveness in door-to-door delivery. The company has invested in information technology to enhance traceability and transparency in the progress of each shipment. It has valued intellectual capital, protecting know-how, promoting skill development, and rewarding internal growth. The company has never compromised in the face of challenges, maintaining high standards of safety and service quality. These key elements have allowed Med Trans World to achieve sustainable growth over time, in harmony with customers and partners, while respecting the external world.

Our offer:


We are driven by a deep passion for our work and constantly strive to enrich the services we offer.


We manage every shipment in an automated and tracked manner, leveraging technology to ensure efficient service.


We constantly seek innovative logistics solutions, always staying focused on achieving our goals.


We commit ourselves to every phase of the transportation chain, ensuring that every aspect of the shipping process is handled with care.


We adapt our operational capacity to meet the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that their requests are heard and fulfilled.


We continually learn from our past experiences and constantly seek ways to improve our services.


We share our internal processes with customers and suppliers, building relationships based on trust and transparency.


We respect our rates and commitments made with customers and suppliers, acting with integrity and a sense of responsibility.


Our philosophy guides every aspect of our work, always placing our customers and their satisfaction at the center. We are proud to offer high-quality international shipping services and are always ready to exceed our customers’ expectations.